MOGWAI @ The HMV Picturehouse, Edinburgh!

Felt pretty good knowing that after a busy weekend doing visuals I could kick back and enjoy a megabus ride down to Edinburgh to see Mogwai! Having already seen them a few weeks before I wasnt expecting it to be much different but it was like seeing a different band. Although that might be because we were in the 2nd row in the middle and not at the back of the Music Hall!

The sound was phenomenal, even when The Twilight Sad were on, who more than made up for their last performance in Aberdeen, this time they really went for it! But there was no doubt about who everyone had come to see and Mogwai didn't dissapoint! The first suprise of the night was meeting Stuart Braithwaite next door in the pub next to the venue, he kindly posed for a photo with Stu and I really wanted to say something about how much their music has inspired me but figured it was nicer to leave him alone to enjoy his pint! The second suprise was live visuals to accompany some of the songs, mostly if not all for the new album! And finally the addition of a violin player who also played guitar and sang the last song!

The build up and ending of X Mas Steps was truelly amazing and recieved an amazing cheer from the crowd as did Mogwai Fear Satan, thanks to the girl who slammed her hands down on my shoulders just as it kicked in again, I nearly flew over the barrier onto the stage, bloody shit myself! But I think I can safely say it was one of the best gig's I've been too and couldn't really think of a better way to help Stu start his birthday celebrations! Happy birthday bro & cheers for the pics! x

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