2 + 4 Exhibition!

2 + 4 was a wee pop up exhibition which took place at the Transition Extreme Boardeline on Saturday night. The show consisted of illustrations & photographs of famous Aberdeen Skate Spots by Mike Hughes and Richie Mac.

If you ever skated in Aberdeen then the images would probably have resonated quite deeply with you, seeing Broad Street, Aberdeen's mecca for a skate brings back good memories of wearing 36" waist jeans and my brothers hand me down size 11 Adidas Gazelles, but that didn't really matter to anyone as you were all there for the same reason.

Anyway the photos were nice enough but it was Mikes illustration which really stood out for me. You can see more of the lads work by clicking on their names and I believe there's going to be prints for sale, think I'm going to treat my self to a Kemnay print, why not eh.

Kemnay by Mike Hughes
Broad Street by Richie Mac

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