Sunday, 9 January 2011

Knit Your Own Salvation!

So today was the first  meeting of the Project Slogan knitting group. Having never knitted before I wouldn't say I was nervous, in fact I was strangely excited to be trying out something new. Luckily I wasnt the only guy there or else it might have been a bit weird. Fiona showed us the basics and was on hand to help out whenever we got stuck, I managed to get onto my 3rd row but then it all got too much and I unravelled my knitting. Then I couldn't seem to get onto my seocnd row so after 2 intense hours of knitting I called it a night and went for a skate to help beat out my hangover. All in all a pretty darn good way to spend a Sunday evening! Keep an eye on HERE for details of the next meeting, I presume next Sunday 6 - 8 at Project SLogan!

Went for a wee skate to try and get a sweat on to make up for a weekend of in action, felt suprisingly good! I liked the look of buildings out of focus!