BP Portrait Awards!

The BP Portrait Awards is always a big deal. As soon as the banners go up you know there's going to be 90% bland portraits that do nothing for me personally but that 10% that do are always brilliant. Its always good to go in for a first look, decide whats good and whats not so good, then go back again a few weeks later and see if there's anything you missed the first time around. I've picked out all my favourites below but there is one that I really didnt like, it reminded me of a horrible portrait I saw in Under The Hammer once but upon seeing it online, shrunk and from a distance I actually quite like it! I guess there's maybe a good lesson to be learned there. Anyway the exhibition finished last week but you can still see pictures of all the portraits and a small spiel about each of the artists HERE!

Brian Shileds
Carlos Muro
David Dipre
Elliot Haigh
George Melling
Giampaolo Russo
Jason Butler
Lyndsey Jameson

Nathan Ford
Nicola Philipps
Oscar Burnett
Paul Benney
Raoul Martinez
Robin Bagnal

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