2011 The Year of Possiblities!

So another new year full of work, projects, skateboarding, cycling, holidaying, fun making, film making, creating, breaking, re organising, giging, vjing, music making, sleeping, eating, drinking, painting, picture taking, drawing, sawing, humming and hawing, dancing, singing and hopefully shagging?

Just trying to lay out some kind of general plan for the year ahead, apparently if you write down your aims or goals then they are more likely to happen! I'm really excited for this year, got some good projects shaping up down at the 26 Studio, as well as Craig & Jim joining forces to create a space with in the studios dedicated to their Stray Dog Collective for exhibitions, talks, seminars and work space! Check out the 26 BLOG for pics, coming soon!

On another positive note I came across an amazing blog called Other Aberdeen, thanks to Fraser! Written by a man after my own heart who see's the small things and appreciates all the pieces that fit together to make up Aberdeen, the good and the bad. He covers a wide range of places and spaces in Aberdeen which are normally over looked by the average person and he goes on to write about these features with humour and grace. Its great to see this kind of site and I'm looking forward to exploring some of the places that I've been overlooking for the last 20 years!

So onwards & upwards!


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