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BP Portrait Awards!

The BP Portrait Awards is always a big deal. As soon as the banners go up you know there's going to be 90% bland portraits that do nothing for me personally but that 10% that do are always brilliant. Its always good to go in for a first look, decide whats good and whats not so good, then go back again a few weeks later and see if there's anything you missed the first time around. I've picked out all my favourites below but there is one that I really didnt like, it reminded me of a horrible portrait I saw in Under The Hammer once but upon seeing it online, shrunk and from a distance I actually quite like it! I guess there's maybe a good lesson to be learned there. Anyway the exhibition finished last week but you can still see pictures of all the portraits and a small spiel about each of the artists HERE!

Bigfoots Tea Party Visual Mix!

Bigfoots Tea Party is a club night based in Glasgow but they lads often travel up to Snafu in Aberdeen, bringing their own style of party to the people! I usually end up setting up some tvs and screens for their resident vj, Redux and was happy to help with their New Year set up! Two tv's & a projector onstage, projections onto the glitter ball at the clubs entrance and two projectors going onto the side of the Tilted Wig building across from the club! I made up a wee visual mix for the lads as we didnt have enough cables to link up all the screens so this is what people could see when they were out side and coming into Snafu!

Bigfoots NYE Mash Up! from Über AV on Vimeo.

January in the Studios!

Been a busy old month down at 26 Studios this month, Jim & Craig have moved into the same room, freeing up the bigger room which is being transformed into a Stray Dog work room / gallery / events room! The first event is going to be the Aberdeen Premiere of An Island, a new music film by Vincent Moon featuring the Danish band Efterklang and 200 of their friends!
Kieran has been in busting up his fridge inside plater casts, check the pics below. I've been working on a ton of visual mix's for various club nights and bands, the next big one being DO IT! on the 4th Feb! So when everyone else is moaning that nothing happens and January is shit were all feeling the opposite, there's loads happening and we have too much to do and its great!


Been working on a NASA style Uber AV patch. I tried to take some inspiration from the visuals hence colour bars, lego bricks and video mixers! These are two versions that I've been working on in Photoshop but I dont think its quite finished yet! Nice to experiment with photoshop anyway, loving the halftone filter!

Exhibitions & Openings!

Its been a good few days for exhibitions in Aberdeen, starting on Thursday with Nothing to See Hear by 3rd year PeM (Photography & Electronic Media) students curating a group show at the old Pier shop on Belmont street. They had two massive floors filled with projections, photogrpahs, tv's and mini installations. My favourite piece was a weird hand bird film made by Marianne Wislon who is currently temping at the Project Slogan gallery. Marianne is a film maker, visual artist, dj and vj!

Friday saw the joing opening of Alicia Bruce's Menie: A Portrait of a North-East Coastal Community in Conflict! Alicia has been taking photographs as long as I've known her. Her new work centers on the controversial site of Donald Trump's gold course / resort. I'm sure most locals have read the press and see the programmes on tv so this is a well timed look at the people involved in a different light. This exhibition recreates some famous paintings with the subjects being repla…

B.E.N. Visuals Showreel!

Ben is my partner in crime when it comes to visuals! We go under the name Über  AV and we like to go as big and do as much as we can. We've been visualing for DO IT! since is started over 2 years ago as well as doign massive set ups for the Let It Bleed nights! Ben is always bringing fresh ideas and visuals to the table, pushing his out put and mines. I wouldn't be doing half of what I do with out Ben so have a quick scan at his video and show some love! You can read a quick interview I did on the DO IT! tumblr site HERE!

B.E.N. Showreel # 1 from Über AV on Vimeo.

Art On The Green!

This is a new project funded by Aberdeen City Council to help increase the number of cultural initiatives taking place in our fair city! One of these such projects is based in the Green area of Aberdeen, also know as the Mechant Quarter. Titled Art on the Green, its being led by Amy Marletta who's part of Ganghut gang from Glasgow!

For the first part of her year long project shes enlisting the help of people down the Green who live, work, shop or hang out there to participate in a portraiture project! Basically Amy will come, take your photo and then it will be turned into a proper rendered picture by one of many local artists! I think Jim & Craig from the studios might be two of the participating artists but there's still plenty of time to get involved so contact Amy for more info at !

An Island by Efterklang & Vincent Moon!

I've been excited about this since first hearing about it last year. Take Efterklang, one of my favourite bands and probably the best live band I saw last year, combine with Vincent Moon, the brains behind La Blogoteque, put them on an island in Denmark for 4 days and the results will surely be spectacular. Not in a show off flashy kind of way but in finding beauty and harmony in the everyday and this case the not so everyday.

The premis for the project was to record an album lenghts worth of videos with musical collaborations with 200 friends on the island, based around Efterklangs last album Magic Chairs! But also Vincent Moon is conducting his own experiments with the video side of things along with the music and has woven everything together to make the final document, An Island! The film will be screened before some of their up and coming European tour dates, the closest one to me is at Glasgow's Oran Mor on the 24th February, you also get to see Efterklang performing live…

Eness Upping The Tron Game!

Found a link to this thanks to the Graffic Traffic blog, some pretty inspirational stuff as far as visuals and projections go! Eness is are a visual effects / instalation company based in Melbourne, Australia. They created the amazing Tron mini ramp in the video below for the films premiere at the iMax, fusing skateboarding with interactive visuals, the final effect is phenomenal! Check out their other videos and get some inspiration, I think we have a long way to go before well be at their level but its always good having something to aspire to!

Tron Legacy Premiere an ENESS Light Session from ENESS on Vimeo.

Knit Your Own Salvation!

So today was the first  meeting of the Project Slogan knitting group. Having never knitted before I wouldn't say I was nervous, in fact I was strangely excited to be trying out something new. Luckily I wasnt the only guy there or else it might have been a bit weird. Fiona showed us the basics and was on hand to help out whenever we got stuck, I managed to get onto my 3rd row but then it all got too much and I unravelled my knitting. Then I couldn't seem to get onto my seocnd row so after 2 intense hours of knitting I called it a night and went for a skate to help beat out my hangover. All in all a pretty darn good way to spend a Sunday evening! Keep an eye on HERE for details of the next meeting, I presume next Sunday 6 - 8 at Project SLogan!

Went for a wee skate to try and get a sweat on to make up for a weekend of in action, felt suprisingly good! I liked the look of buildings out of focus!