Let It Bleed x MoC x The 2 Bears Visuals!

These videos are live recordings from The 2 Bears dj set in Aberdeen. We were asked by Let It Bleed to make some original visuals and to set up some screens for the night and this is the results. I've previously posted photos from the night HERE but this is a chance to see what me & Ben (Uber AV) are doing when were hiding up on stage.

We both had a great time making the visuals and found a real nice common space while working together on the night. The guys played an interesting set as well which helps keep us interested as the music feeds the visuals that we make so if the music is boring then we get bored! Anyway this seems like a nice way so finish off what has been an amazing year for us and were both pretty stoked on continuing our visual mission into 2011! Massive thanks to Scott for getting us involved and to Raf for letting us upload the videos!

The Two Bears Uber Mix Part 1 (Live Visuals) from Über AV on Vimeo.

The Two Bears Uber Mix Part 2 (Live Visuals) from Über AV on Vimeo.

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