In A Galaxy, Far, Far Away!

This time the collaboration comes in the shape of Stars Wars x Adidas! Star Wars should be a staple part of any child of the 70's & 80's nostalgia diet. The power of the force combined with super stars such as Snoop Dogg, Beckham, Noel Gallagher and the mighty Daft Punk, its almost too much to take. Favourite bit is in the street party ad with the red smoke as Vaders silhouette appears, squaring up to Daft Punk! Anyway the promo's are ace, the trainers & track tops are ace and the whole campaign just looks ace! Sneeks and track tops are also available in Attic in the academy where they have a full size Storm trooper keeping an eye on rebel scum out side so check it out!

Attic shop display in the Academy!

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