SUMISU-MI, Ten & Port Royal @ Peacock Visuals Arts!

After an already hectic weekend Uber AV made their way down to Peacock Visual Arts to set up some projections and visuals for SUMISU-MI aka Andy Da Kipp and friends! What followed was a 30 minute sound hole with Ben providing appropriate visuals loops in the back ground and me queing up "The Hourglass Sanatorium", Andy's own choice and quite a film indeed. Everything seemed to sync up perfectly and getting to use 3 projectors was pretty cool.

Next on the bill were TEN. The lads played a rather lovely set made up from drum loops, instrumental guitar pieces and some rather lovely cine footage for the projections which complimented the delicate and beautiful music they make. A nice suprise and my highlight of the night.

Sadly due to being quite exhausted I didn't manage to catch Port Royal so have instead stolen some photos from Yogi again. They have some nice videos on youtube, I especially liked "Hermitage Part 1". With any luck ill catch them next time!


Port Royal