Stolen Artwork!!!

So sadly someone has taken some of the beautiful artwork used for the A4 show, two necklaces to be precise by Maria Maclennan (see pics below)! The works were stolen from the Athenaeum last week and the police are now holding an investigation into the matter. there is a Facebook page HERE! and a £50 reward for any information which helps recover the pieces'.

I'm hoping that the person who took the work will see how much stress they've caused to an already stressed out man, as well as the annoyance that Maria must be feeling. I put 110% into setting up the show and getting a diverese range of folks involved and was amazed by the response from friends and new faces like Maria. Now I fear that her view of Aberdeen will be tainted by the theft of her work.

Stealing in general is wrong but to steal someone's art work which they have spent many hours working on is pretty fucking low. This isn't a mobile phone, a laptop or something replacable, these were one off pieces that Maria has proudly displayed in jewellery and art shows across the country. They obviously have a great deal of sentimental value to her and she would really just like to get them back, as do we all.

If anyone does have any information, saw anything when they were taken or know's who has the pieces but doesn't want them to get in trouble please get them to pop them in an envelope and return them to the Athenaeum. I know I don't want the hassle of dealing with police although this is already happening but there's still time to do the right thing and help end the A4 show on a positive note.

Thanks for any help!

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