In Search Of......

Pontus Alv is a name I've often heard but never knew anything about him or what he does besides being a pro skater. Well it turns out hes also a pretty bad ass film maker & creator. An artist setting a template for skaters all over the world, go skate but go create at the same time, go build and make your own terrain. I've always believed that skating  can be part of a healthy creative life out side of being a painter, a photographer, a sculptor and  Pontus perfectly demonstrates this, especailly in his newest film In Search Of The Miraculous

I think that as more and more people take the initiative and get busy creating the more fun our enviroments will become and essentially the more healthy our lives will becomes as our brains take a minute to ponder "who build this amazing ghetto skate spot". Anyway if you want to see more check out the video below and go buy a copy HERE! Massive thanks to Callum at Kaplank Kapow for puttin me onto this!

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