I Keep Bleeding...... Let It Bleed Presents Cassius Halloween Special!

So another month another big Let it Bleed night. This months super star guests included Brodinski, the handsome man and on Friday Carte Blanche (DJ Mehdi & Riton)!!! Let it Bleed nights are always a big one and are always fun to be part of. The key is that Scott has a great team of people who help promote, document and visualise the nights for the punters. Its good to be part of the brotherhood and I can't wait to do some fresh visuals for Friday!

Another essential part of the team is Hendo who takes all the snaps which remind people of the night before, its not always a pretty sight, especially for myself but its good that some one is capturing the moments that would so easily be swept up like empty cups on the floor.

Check out some of his snaps from the Cassiuss Halloween Special!

Ricky Gibb is a new addition to the crew doing what he does best and working behind the lens. Of a video camera. Ricky was on hand to help document the Felix Da Housecat gig, you can see the fruits of his labour below, that was a tough one but Ricky & Sam were pro's to the end!

LET IT BLEED - Felix Da Housecat @ Forum from Ricky Gibb on Vimeo.

Theres also a shit load of people who normally get over looked, me & Ben who spend a lot of time making up visuals to freak people out and set up projectors & tvs, the sound guys who have to make the place sound amazing and always do, the lighting dudes who help add the final piece to the Let it Bleed puzzle. Not to mention Scott without whom it wouldn't be happening, not on this scale and not in Aberdeen and his friends who always seem to be on hand to help out. So I guess let the good times roll and onto the next one!!

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