26 Studios Update October & November!

So there's been a little hive of activity of late in the 26 Studio. First up you can see pics from the Extreme Project artists meeting, pre going to Lumsden sculpture work shop. As Craig is leading the project he's been hosting meetings with a core crew of local makers and doers to discuss and develop ideas for the project. This was part of the lead up to the first phase of the project which culminated in an Extreme flash mob in the Bon Accord centre. You can see more pics and find out more HERE and HERE!

Next up we had a one off Acid Thunder after party event at the studios. I forgot to lock the door before hand and ended up being over run by a load of party people but it was a super nice bunch of folk and despite a few hitches I think everyone enjoyed partying in the space, shame the PA fried out at 5.30 or else the party would have gone on till the break of dawn! Unfortunately I think its going to be the last party at the studios due to the fact that everyone is really getting into using their spaces and its a lot of effort to pack everything away every time we want to party but fear not as were going to maybe organise some events over the coming months out with the studios!

So Kieran has been affa busy in his room of late, mixing up plaster and casting the insides of different boxes and shapes. The place is an absolute mess, especially his room and it looks bloody ace! I arranged to get some snaps with him as hes been so active, see the results below!

Finally some snaps of the other spaces. I have been pretty busy doing a lot of vhs transfers for visuals, got some old Disney vids from my folks and some Thundercats! Set up visuals for Hanon shop for the Adidas x Hanon shoe launch at Project Slogan as well as doing a massive tv set up for Carte Blanche at the Forum, only to find out their flights had be cancelled! Also making regular trips to Poundland to buy the really nasty Ninja Alien toys they have, featuring 2 points of articulation, ohhh yeah! 

We also welcome Louise Emslie into the space, she is currently sharing a space with Amy (Fraser's old room) and is starting work on some new things after her trip to Iceland! 

Jim is continuing to develop a body of work based around horizon lines, its looking really nice and I can't wait to see all the finished work together. 

Craig has been bust with the Extreme project, phase 2 is almost coming to its final climax!

Finally Stew has been in & out, hes got a fair box of hospital toilet tubes in his room and has been working hard on the Friends of UTG Campaign. So all in all a pretty productive few months, not onto December and time to get the heathers and woolies out again!

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