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Adidas x Hanon Trainer Launch @ Project Slogan!

Some snaps from the adidas Originals consortium Hanon Kegler launch at Project Slogan. Was chuffed to be asked to help with visuals for the night by Andy who did a great job organising the event. Tunes were provided by Martin Jay who kept a nice vibe going through out and all 480 limited numbered pairs of the Hanon Kegler shoe are now gone! Sold out in less than a week, pretty good going for local lads bringing that kind of attention to Aberdeen. Unfortunately I didn't get a pair for myself but I did pick up a pair of these, my first pair of non Vans trainers in 7 years!

The last 3 pics were stolen from MWX Marianne's facebook, check out her site HERE!

26 Studios Update October & November!

So there's been a little hive of activity of late in the 26 Studio. First up you can see pics from the Extreme Project artists meeting, pre going to Lumsden sculpture work shop. As Craig is leading the project he's been hosting meetings with a core crew of local makers and doers to discuss and develop ideas for the project. This was part of the lead up to the first phase of the project which culminated in an Extreme flash mob in the Bon Accord centre. You can see more pics and find out more HERE and HERE!

Next up we had a one off Acid Thunder after party event at the studios. I forgot to lock the door before hand and ended up being over run by a load of party people but it was a super nice bunch of folk and despite a few hitches I think everyone enjoyed partying in the space, shame the PA fried out at 5.30 or else the party would have gone on till the break of dawn! Unfortunately I think its going to be the last party at the studios due to the fact that everyone is really getti…

Hanon x Adidas Trainer Launch!

Hanon Shop have some pretty cool threads but its their love of sneakers thats set them apart from the rest as being the UK top shop for super limited, hard to find, cool colab footwear! Their newest collab comes in the shape of the Adidas Kegler! From what I've heard the shoe started life as a bowling shoe but was adopted by 70's & 80's soccer casuals who helped cement the shoes reputation as a classic. Now Hanon have their own spin on it with thier own collab shoe being released officially tomorrow but being the nice chaps they are they wan't you to get it just a little bit sooner and have decided what better way than to have a party! Drinks, live dj's and dont forget visuals will hopefuly help to give this shoe a much deserved launch and also give people a chance to check out what all the fuss is about! You can see a promo of the new shoe HERE!

I Keep Bleeding...... Let It Bleed Presents Cassius Halloween Special!

So another month another big Let it Bleed night. This months super star guests included Brodinski, the handsome man and on Friday Carte Blanche (DJ Mehdi & Riton)!!! Let it Bleed nights are always a big one and are always fun to be part of. The key is that Scott has a great team of people who help promote, document and visualise the nights for the punters. Its good to be part of the brotherhood and I can't wait to do some fresh visuals for Friday!
Another essential part of the team is Hendo who takes all the snaps which remind people of the night before, its not always a pretty sight, especially for myself but its good that some one is capturing the moments that would so easily be swept up like empty cups on the floor.
Check out some of his snaps from the Cassiuss Halloween Special!