Let It Bleed Presents Felix Da Housecat @ The Forum!

So after cancelling the first night, nearly drowning 3 days before this one Felix Da Housecat finally touched down in Aberdeen for his headline show at The Forum! Another big Let It Bleed gig but I think this one has been the biggest so far! As usual I spent a few hours setting up the tv's and video cables, this time Ben was in charge of 99% of the visuals. 

The only problem was Felix wanted everything turned off! But the place did look pretty amazing from up on stage, Felix played a great set and he gave my brother shots of tequila and was a pretty nice guy, little on the wild side perhaps (he did tank nearly 2 bottles of Tequila) but he certainly made up for any bad feelings from cancelling the last gig! There should be a video on its way from Sam & Ricky who were on filming duties all night, expect something pretty sweet!

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