Let It Bleed x MoC x DJ Mehdi Halloween Special!@

Halloween 2009 saw the first of many big Let It Bleed gigs at the Forum. Taking the bull by the horns, Let It Bleed has been continually pushing it to bring big name dj's and acts to the Granite city for the last year and even before that under the Adventures Close To Home moniker.

DJ Mehdi was my first big vj gig with Ben, my partner in video crime and co founder of Uber AV! I always try to document as much work as I can so after a busy year I finally got round to making an edit using some of the visuals we created for the halloween gig along with some live footage taken onstage. Mehdi was a true performer and gave it his everything on the night and so did the crowd with some amazing costume, all the lego men blew me away!

Anyway hope you like the video and it fill's in some of the blanks from Halloween 2009, roll on Cassius for Halloween 2010!

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