Candy for the Eyes & Ears 8! The Illusionist & American Men!

Just been to the cinema to see a very nice film called The Illusionist. Its an animated tale from the people who produced Belleville Rendez-Vous! Admittedly I haven't seen Belleville and wasn't that keen on seeing The Illusionist but it is quite frankly the best film I've seen all year. The story is quite simple, an old magician / illusionist is forced to leave home as his form of entrertainment is dying out, trailing across Britain, forced to take some pretty crap gigs before a visit to an island in Scotland and a chance encounter with a young girl who changes his life!

The story is really well played out with very little dialogue, the animation is truelly beautiful! The journery through Scotland is heart warming to see, the streets of Edinburgh never looked so appealing. Another highlight of the film is its amazing soundtrack, subtle and beautifull pieces that really bring the quiet moments to life in the film and add depth. I would highly recommend seeing it and soaking up this little gem. A treat for the eyes indeed!

For the ears I suggest American Men! That could also be a treat for the eyes depending on what search engine you use but in this case I'm speaking about the band from Glasgow made up from Claude Speeed, Ali Lloyd, Scottt Chevrolet - members of Dananananakroyd and "other obscure and fantastic Glasgow and Edinburgh rock bands"! I first heard of them a week back when I downloaded some of the free mixes on the Lucky Me Mixtapes site. There's a ton of mixes to download from all across the music specktrum, my two faves so far are the American Men - 76 Middle of the Sun Mixtape & The Blessings & Eclair Fifi - 74 Lucky Me Presents ....... Sonar Mixtape! Its been the perfect introduction to hip hop & dubstep.

But the American Men mix just takes you on a really nice journey, I'm not sure what the track listing is for it but theres at least 4 new bands that I want to find out more about and hear more from. But in the mean time I've just downloaded Cool World, the debut ep from American Men as well as ordering a copy on vinyl from HERE! There's also some bonus remixes from Ikonika (watch this space!) Falty DL,Machinedrum & Hud Mo! Check out Hud Mo remix below and go get some American Men!

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