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SHAPE - Skateboarders Art!

This is my submission for the SHAPE show organised by the Kaplank Kapow lads. The idea was simple, take an old deck, chose or make a design then get busy with your jigsaw! I had an old deck that snapped so decided to go with my brick design. The actual brick is carved out down to the next layer, took about 10 hours with to carve with some pretty wack chisels but got the job done with half a day to spare! Massive shout to all the peeps who managed get something in for the show, special shout to Sam Spreckles and his rad dude! To see pics from the show click the link HERE!

For A Minor Reflection @ Cafe Drummonds!

Wen't to see For A Minor Reflection a week back at Drummonds. Icelandic lads with a pretty big sound for a 4 piece, comparisons to Mogwai & other such post rock bands should follow but why add to the blah blah but they played a great set, super energised and created a nice mix which strayed from the conventional post rock paths. One to check out in the future or pop down and get their new album "Höldum í átt að óreiðu" at One Up now!

Photos stolen from Yogi's Facebook, Yas Min!

Alternative A4 Art Show @ The Athenaeum - Part 2!

DO IT! DJ Mixes & Visual Mixes!

We've started recording our vj set's and putting them onto Vimeo along with music mixes from our various dj friends. First up are the DO IT! residents, DJ Uraki Riddim with visuals by Ben and DJ White Chocolate with the MoC channel hopping mix. The idea is you let the video load up, make it full screen then kick bax and enjoy some fresh cuts with some sweet visuals. Keep an eye out for vj sets from The 2 Bears, a Felix Da Housecat, Krazzy Martin's Cornhill mix and a special DJ Mini Klaus mix! All coming real soon!

Alternative A4 Art Show @ The Athenaeum - Part 1!

I was pretty overwhelmed by the response to the call for artists to submit work for the A4 show. It's the first time I've curated an exhibition and I was delighted to have such a mixed bag of work. Unfortunately due to time and other factors I wasn't able to include all of the work that was sent in unframed as I was still arranging and hanging work up until the first peeps walked in the door! But the fact I managed to get work from nearly 30 different artists, some from Canada, Dundee, Glasgow and Aberdeen mean ill take a pat on the back, and I hung all the work on my own!

If you didn't make the opening, don't live in Aberdeen or don't really care then here's a peek at some of what you missed. Ill be adding more work once I get a chance to pop down again and photograph it, check names & links under each picture and enjoy! Also massive thanks to Claire and the staff at the Athenaeum for their help and for the free wine they dished out for the opening, nic…