Vote for Siobomb!

Siobomb, the first lady of DO IT! is a busy bumble indeed. As well as doing posters for Origin, the design for Rumour Cocktail bar, which is different every week as well as working on clients & personal work, shes some how managed to find the time to enter a design for a t-shirt competition. But she needs your help! She needs to get as many votes as possible and hopefuly she can win this one. I'm not just putting this up because shes my flat mate and she does the DO IT! posters, I think you'll find this is a super cool design and yes, I would like a free t-shirt if she wins! You can vote HERE! All you need to do is sign up, go onto Sio's design page and click VOTE! You can see all the designs HERE, there's some really nice stuff!

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