Susie Wright Opening @ Recoat Gallery!

It seems a bit dire when you have to travel 300 miles just to see some decent art! But that wasn't really the case, it was more a coincidence that something really good was on that I'd be able to go to for once.

The latest exhibtion at the Recoat Gallery is from Susie Wright from Scotland who works all over the World. I won't reiterate what other people have already said about the artist but her work is totally awesome. The prints she has for sale in Recoat are beautiful and her newspaper style zines are true works of art in their own right. The show combines two distinct themes, that of the city (drawings of street details from Barcelona & Edinburgh) and as the title "Observations" might suggest, drawings of deer, trees & other animals from her time spent at the Great Park in Windsor.

Her work will be on show for a couple of weeks so be sure to get on down and bag yourself something totally awesome! Also see more pics on the Recoat Flickr site HERE!

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