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Its 4 years today since my old school friend Nicky passed away. In that time I have become friends with his famliy and his little sister. I used to try and meet up with his dad and discuss projects and just have a laugh. Of course over time I didnt manage to meet up with Bob as often and sadly he passed recently as well. It's heartbreaking to see so much sadness fall upon such an amazing family but yet they are still doing things for other people and never seem to really complain.

I guess they have their good and their bad days as do we all, certain dates will always evoke memories, of both good times and sad times. They seem to become more and more like vivid dreams as time goes on, not forgotten but just a little soft around the edges. I think thats why I try to do as much as I can because putting up a bear stencil or hanging a piece of cardboard with paint on it or projecting a lego brick onto a wall even just for a minute, I know for that minute that I'm alive and I'm doing these things because of the people like Nick, Bob & Moose who touched my life. I'm doing it because they can't but I'm also doing it because I know they'd like it and I like it.

As we all get older were only going to lose more people along the way but friend's are starting to get married and start their own families, bringing new lives into the world like little Rowan who just turned 1, a beautiful little boy with amazingly talented parents, Adam & Gilla Booth who found love after a new years party and recently tied the knot. All these high's and lows make up a balance that you hope swings for the highs but thats not always the case. But with good friends around you and people who care about you then you'll never be low for too long.

All these words but doesn't seem to change much. But hopefuly some people will read this, who might have shared these experiences and find some comfort in them. If nothing else have a listen to one of my favourite Mogwai tracks, a band I often spoke about with Nicky. For friends, forever in our hearts!

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