Candy for the Eyes & Ears 7! Alex Hohlov & Mogwai!

Kinda stumbled across this guys work while reading the Showcase section of Computer Arts. Alex Hohlov is a graphics daddy based in Philidelphia. He creates these amazing fractured collages using shapes and colours. Click on his name to see more of his work on his web site and also check out his Flickr site HERE! Someone sent me a link to Spirograph when I posted his work on Facebook, maybe there is something of that childhood madness in his lines but whatever the appeal is its good!

So something for the ears? The new Special Moves Live album from Mogwai has quickly become my most played this week by a mile! I've been listening to their stuff a lot recently anyway and puchased my copy on CD from One Up but then realised for an extra £30 I could get the deluxe triple vinyl box set. I swithered but the mention of a signed poster and a sew on patch swung it for me! Musically the live album is amazing, hearing the intensisty of Mogwai live even through shitty little headphones is astonoshing. New Paths To Helicon 1, Friend of the Night & 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong all hit just the right mark.

Also there's a live dvd to accompony the album. Entitled "Burning", the dvd was filmed over 2 or 3 nights in Williamsburg, New York. The man behind the camera is also the man behind one of my favourite music video sites, La Blogotheque! The film helps add something extra to the package, its a live document of a Mogwai gig but it kinda goes a bit deeper than that. You really have to see it I guess. You can see a teaser for Burning HERE! The mega box set is now sold out too so ill be wearing my denim jacket, complete with MOGWAI patch with great pride!

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