Mobile Creative Village (MCV) 2010!

I was excited to get an email from Craig Barrowman while away on my travels, asking if I'd like to be part of a group of creatives running work shops in shanty town style sheds which would be transported around Aberdeen over a weekend in July. So I said yes. My job was to run an animation shack / video suite on the Saturday & Sunday. Funding came from BP as part of the 2012 Olympic Open Weekend and was part of numerous events running up and down the country over that weekend.

The first day was actually on the Friday, you can see the amazing shacks & mini skate ramp that Craig built for the events. Altogether there were four stalls, The Stage showcasing performances, music and poetry, The Print Y'All shack for drawing & screen printing, The Sculpy Shack for making play doh monsters and the finally The Video Tent for learning about stop motion animation and general video things. My shack was locked up in a school so we improvised and made the most of the weekend.

I got to see first hand how it is to try and teach animation to a 5 year old with only toys as props, he just wanted to play with Lion-O and that was fine with me! I had a go at doing my own stop motion films and actually got really into and should be working on a stop motion epic pretty soon. The rain did dampen us but not our spirits on the Sunday but we were all glad when it came time to pack up and go home to rest for the rest of the weekend!

All the people who were involved deserve a massive pat on the back, Craig for organising, building and being rad, Jim Ewen also for building and humping wood about, Mark and his trusty trailer for transporting the shaty town across town each day, Jennifer Argo for her sculpy skills, Alex Storey Gordon for the screen printing wonders, Hatham (apologies if thats not how its spelt) for organising the poets and making funny noises, Peacock Visual Arts for securing the funding & special shout to Fraser Denholm who was on hand to document all the goings on with his new camera. Look forward to seeing a wee round up video from the weekend. You can see more pics from the weekend HERE!

Day 1 at School hill

Day 2 in Union Terrace Gardens

Day 3 outside Marks & Spencers, Union Street