DO IT! Oslo & Abz!

Not content with having one DO IT! night this month, the main man DJ Uraki Riddim went all out hosting DO IT! Oslo as part of the Olso Experimental Festival. This involved warming up for Diplo and then bombing across town to get to the Villa for a special night of local and international acts. Headliners Dorian Concept & RUSTIE kept the dance floor packed while VJ Pop Com & VJ Superflow made sure those peepers didnt get bored. Cupofill joined again on drawing duties helping to add the edge to this Friday the 13th Special, read more about it HERE!

Pictures stolen from Steffen Kørner Ludvigsen, see more pics HERE!

And now for the Aberdeen selection! Hailing from none other than Aberdeen, this month guest Lamplighter is worth being illuminated by! I've know Robin for a few years from his early days playing records down at the Premiere Cafe and I'm not suprised hes making his own music, hes got talent! After seeing him support Cars & Trains a few years back I knew he'd be great to play at DO IT! and finally hes coming up! I've got a special visual set lined up specifically for him so be there before 12 or you might miss it!
Aswell as our friend Lamplighter we have a welcome return from our resident DJ's Uraki Riddim, DJ White Chocolate & DJ Kid Bell! Bringing an ecclectic mix to the table expect to be taken on a cosmic trip through beat land! Also on visuals we have UBER AV (MoC & Technocolour Heartbeat) busting out eye popping videos, cartoons, original visuals and much more!
A welcome addition to this night is the introduction of live drawing from 3 of Aberdeen's biggest & best creative talents. Leading the way is Skurvy along with Stu 23 & Stu Awesome (Stu x 2, get it!). Who knows what the end result will be but if everyone is having fun then that will be good enough for me!
Do iT! kicks off at 10pm on Friday 20th August at The Tunnels, tax £5. Unsure about it? Don't take my word for it, The Kiosque says you should go too!

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