Candy for the Eyes & Ears 6! Foals, The National & Recoat Gallery!

For the last week I've been listening to the new Foals album (Total Life Forever) pretty much on repeat. If you'd asked me about them a month ago I'd have said "those whinney London kids" but now I'd say "those party boys who are ploughing deep into my head", yeah theyre pretty good. Perhaps the person who put me onto the album has created some subliminal association to the record but either ways its a great album with some deep lyrics and the singers voice isn't whinney at all, in fact its quite whisperish if anything and the guitars, drums & synths are pretty epic.

The National are another new old find this month, I've seen people raving about them for months now but didn't quite get what all the buzz was about. Then I spent 3 hours on the mega bus and listend to High Violet and suddenly the bus ride wasn't so bad, in fact it became a great experience because I had the perfect soundtrack to how I was feeling. Occasionally an album comes along that just captures a moment in time for you and I think this album is for this moment in time for me. Tracks like Bloodbuzz Ohio, Sorrow & Lemonworld all resonate with life. The first 30 seconds of Vanderlylle Cry Baby, that ambient fuzz is the sound of my life falling apart but by the end of it its been put back together and is better than ever "Man it’s all been forgiven, Swans are a swimmin, I’ll explain everything, To the geeks"!

The Recoat Gallery is one of Glasgow's coolest spaces. I guess space is the wrong phrase as its the really artists and the presence that the owners bring to the space. Mixing it up each month with the best in graff & contemprary art, Recoat is the place to go to see some visual treats. They recently celebrated 3 years in the game and are going strong with their current Hat Trick show. If your not lucky enough to live just up the road from Recoat the check out their blog HERE for all the latest happenings!

The picure below is by 10-10, I havent been able to find out any more info about him but you can see his work right now in Recoat and there's a load of pictures on the Recoat flickr page HERE! I'd give it ten out of ten for sure!

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