26 Studios Up and Running with Scissors!

Finally after nearly 8 months of on / off work my little studio room is complete, well almost. A lick of paint here and some shelves to go in but otherwise its all done and ready for me to do some work! Thats the scary bit, no more excuses for not doing anything.

Below you can see the lovely new drawing desk which I just built with old timer and a nice top sheet we had in the space. This desk is primarily going to be used for drawing purposes and perhaps some painting. I would like to invite some local artists to have a shot of the desk for up to 3 weeks to work on some new drawings, get some cheap A4 frames and then have a mini opening in the space showcasing the new work. Just at the idea stage but hopefuly get something running real soon.

The other desk space I will be using for producing visuals using the old Panasonic Video Mixer and an array of dvd, vhs & various other out dated video players. Trying to get ideas for a stop motion video, feeling rather inspired after the MCV a few weekend's ago so time to get busy. Exciting times!



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