MoC Insect Studies # 1!

This is a selection of prints I made for the first 26 Collective Group Show. I've only ever been part of one other show which was the I heart UTG Fundraiser at Project Slogan. I spent a few nights locked away in the dungeon studios painting, as in white washing my studio room to make it nicer for the party.
Then out of nowhere a butterfly appeared on the floor and then began flapping around in my room. I love butterflies, I have a collection of old glass cased and bell jar butterflies in my flat so I took it as a sign that butterflies were to be my theme. I enjoyed doing some research and looking into the different varieties of butterflies & moths, there are quite a lot of them!

So I spent a week doodling and drawing in my sketch book and decided to create backgrounds using Photoshop, made up from the colours of the butterflies. I thought this would off set the black & white pencil drawings nicely. The last two require a bit of tweaking I think but I'm happy with the Hawk Moth & Study # 1. I'm planning to work on more and eventually do a full exhibition of insect and possibly animal drawings at some point in the future and after that, who knows!

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