Let It Bleed x Digitalism @ The Forum!

Here's some snaps from the Digitalism gig at the Forum back in May! Another banger of a night from LET IT BLEED this time with visual support from UBER AV (Me & Technocolour Heartbeat - Do IT).  We had the usual tvs set up down the front and dual projectiosn going on the back wall, we tried to switch it up witht he visuals as we both have similar tastes but TH is a bit of a whizz kid with After Effects and produces these ridiculous animations. Hopefully get some exmples up on line real soon!

Support came from new kid Ackers and the lovely Mini Klaus before Jence took to the stage. There had been some chat about one half of the duo being denied a visa due to his Turkish Nationality, completely ridiculous in this day in age but thats the man for ya. But as always a good crowd is there to party and party they did! Its always great to see friends down the front going mental and its nice working with all the Let it Bleed regulars like Hendo who took all the snaps & Scott who organises the gigs. And all the chumps who find their way onto the stage and ask for Venga Boys tunes!

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