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MoC Insect Studies # 1!

This is a selection of prints I made for the first 26 Collective Group Show. I've only ever been part of one other show which was the I heart UTG Fundraiser at Project Slogan. I spent a few nights locked away in the dungeon studios painting, as in white washing my studio room to make it nicer for the party.
Then out of nowhere a butterfly appeared on the floor and then began flapping around in my room. I love butterflies, I have a collection of old glass cased and bell jar butterflies in my flat so I took it as a sign that butterflies were to be my theme. I enjoyed doing some research and looking into the different varieties of butterflies & moths, there are quite a lot of them!

So I spent a week doodling and drawing in my sketch book and decided to create backgrounds using Photoshop, made up from the colours of the butterflies. I thought this would off set the black & white pencil drawings nicely. The last two require a bit of tweaking I think but I'm happy…

Let It Bleed x Digitalism @ The Forum!

Here's some snaps from the Digitalism gig at the Forum back in May! Another banger of a night from LET IT BLEED this time with visual support from UBER AV (Me & Technocolour Heartbeat - Do IT).  We had the usual tvs set up down the front and dual projectiosn going on the back wall, we tried to switch it up witht he visuals as we both have similar tastes but TH is a bit of a whizz kid with After Effects and produces these ridiculous animations. Hopefully get some exmples up on line real soon!

Support came from new kid Ackers and the lovely Mini Klaus before Jence took to the stage. There had been some chat about one half of the duo being denied a visa due to his Turkish Nationality, completely ridiculous in this day in age but thats the man for ya. But as always a good crowd is there to party and party they did! Its always great to see friends down the front going mental and its nice working with all the Let it Bleed regulars like Hendo who took all the snaps & Scott who org…

One Day On Earth.......

......can be a long time indeed & here's your chance to become part of someone else's day!

"Life in a Day: On 24 July, help document a single day on earth Life In A Day is a global experiment to create a user-generated feature film: a documentary, shot in a single day, by you. On 24 July, you have 24 hours to capture a glimpse of your life on camera. The most compelling and distinctive footage will be edited into an experimental documentary film, produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin Macdonald. If your video is included in the final film, you'll be credited as a co-director and may be one of 20 contributors selected to attend the film's world premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival"

So what you waiting for, get on it!

Get Some C.o.C!

Seems like a lot is happening this weekend, the C.o.C. Group show will be opening along side the Tea Cosy Carousel pop up shop, in the same space in fact! I have no idea who's behind it, what they will be showing or if its going to be any good! Perfect start to a weekend full of creative adventures, just hope the rain clears up. Find out more about Crusaders of Clture (C.o.C.) HERE!

Kal-EYE-doscope Video!

Its taken a bit longer than I'd hoped but here's a wee video documenting Craig Barrowman's Kal-eye-doscope mobile sculpture and its trip around Aberdeen! See more of Craigs work HERE!

Mobile Creative Village & Tea Cosy in Aberdeen....

I was well chuffed to recieve an email from Craig Barrowman about an exciting project happening this weekend, 23rd, 24th & 25th July. As part of the London 2012 Open Weekend, Peacock Visual Arts has been awarded funding to run a series of events across Aberdeen.

Craig has been left in charge of creating a Mobile Creative Village consisting of stalls where members of the public can try their hands at screen printing, sculptor, film making, animation, skateboarding, stenciling and a host of other activities. Hes managed to rope together some of Aberdeen's creative veterans as well as some fresh talent straight from the art school!

You can catch up with the pop up collective on Friday 23rd July at Schoolhill between 3pm - 6pm, Saturday 24th down at Union Terrace Gardens 1pm - 6pm & finally Sunday 25th out side the St Nicholas shopping centre from 1pm - 6pm. The skate ramp will be there so pray for sunshine.

Also the lovely ladies will be running another Tea Cosy event as part of…

Grays School of Art Degree Show 2010!

I was a little bit sad to miss the 2010 Grays School of Art Degree Show. It fell on the same day I had to get on a plane and fly to America for a 3 week road trip, I was torn but the road trip won.
Anyway I was chuffed to see that Fraser Denholm has produced a video documenting the best of Sculpture & Photography & Electronic Media. Its a great video which helps show some of the hot new talent emerging from Grays this year so have a looksie!

Letter from San Francisco # 8

After another epic drive through the Californian country side we finally made it to the express way for San Fran. We could feel we were getting closer, Biffy was blasting on the stereo and we were all looking forward to getting out of the car for the last time. We passed along side some made looking industrial yards with massive cranes which apparently inspired the AT AT's in Star Wars! I can see why. We found some wi-fi, sorted out some beds for the night and made our way to the hostel.

The streets in San Fran are pretty mental, especially the really hilly ones. We came to a stop on a slope that must have been about 45 degree's the rows of parked cars trailing down it were all slumped to one side on the suspension. We saw lots of people taking pics on the other side of the road and realised it was the super winedy road that everyone has to drive down so we joined the que and made our way down the beast! First touristy task achieved! After ditching the car and getting cleaned …

Letter from Las Vegas # 7

So its the last full day in the good old US of A! Its been a mad week covering a lot of miles in our rental 4x4. We started off through the rockies, quite an impressive mountain range indeed, in fact its bloody huge! We made a quick detour to see Buffalo Bill's grave, figured might as well while were on the same road. The roads were pretty smooth for the most part and it was quite nice to sit back and just take in the scenery with some music on, Moderat setting the perfect mood. We covered around 300 miles before finding somewhere to stop off, that place being Grand Junction!

We pulled up around 8pm and ditched into the first motel we found. The Rodeway Inn was clean and had some good air con. We walked down the main stree in Grand but seemed like there wasn't much going on. I thought perhaps everyone was saving their fun for 4th July. We walked down both sides of the main street and kept seeing these really big mad sculptures. One would appear every few meters. Seems like they…

Letter from Denver # 6

The California Zephyr is the biggest train I have ever seen. I don't know how many cars but they are all double deckers! The leg room was unreal and the seats folded way down but still it was impossible to get really comfy and sleep! I spent most of the 18 hour journey watching the rolling countryside fly past the window. Had some amazing moments listening to the Riceboy Sleeps album, watching butterflies chasing each other at the side of the tracks, crossing the Mississippi river on the most rickety looking bridge, seeing lights through the trees once the sun had gone down creating this weird strobe lightning effect.

We passed through 4 states to get to Denver, starting off from Illinois, the Iowa, Nebraska and finally stopped in Colorado. You could see changes in the landscape but also a lot of similarities at points. We covered over 1000 miles during the train ride, drank a few beers and had a 21 day matured steak which wasn't great! But the food cart staff were excellent a…