Tents, Zines & Roundabouts!

So for anyone who was bored this weekend here's 3 things you missed and this doesn't include the DO IT! night featuring OFFSHORE!

First up Peacock Visuals Arts held an opening for Jacques Coetzer with his Weekend Cathedral project. Taking his Catherdral shaped tent with him, Jacques set out to explore his own spirituality but also to get away from the hustle of city living. Certainly a very interesting project which has produced some stunning images of the tent set up on location, you can see the large scale prints down at Peacocks from now until the 19th June. Jacques will also be giving a talk about his experiences on Tuesday 12th of May in the main gallery, entry is free!

Second up Project Slogan held their Studio Press event featuring hand made artist books & zines. I couldnt attend the opening due to DO IT! but was rather hoping to see the work of Rae Duncan, an Aberdeen lass whos currently finishing her degree down in Dundee, aswell as the host of other people who had work in the show. I popped past the day after but it was closed but still took a few snaps through the window.

Finally we had the first in a series of events from local artist Anita Jean Stewart who is doing a series of arts events at Mounthooly roundabout! Having elisted the help of Craig Barrowman to build a cart for transporting to the site, Neets invited a host of friends to give talks, poetry readings and general vocal communication between themselves and the rather substantial audience!
First up we had Kenny Primrose speaking, not sure what about, roundabout and the human condition I think, next up was Georgia Brooker with some poetry readings followed by the wonderful Lila Matsumoto, creator of the Scree zine who gave readings from her zine. The final speaker was Pete Mcconville, musician and poet who recited some of his own works for our listening pleasure. Anita herself gave a brief talk about her project, how it came into being and what she hopes to achieve with it which was nice to hear, shes a deep thinker! an dhas put some real effort into this!

More events are planned for this weekend, a shadow puppet show will be happening on the 15th of May and also a night of acoustic music in the underpass on Saturday 29th May mean that Mounthooly really is the place to be! You can find out more details for these events HERE!

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