Efterklang @ Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh!

I've done a few posts about the lovely Efterklang before, they are Danish, from Copenhagen and make music. I first heard them after buying the Special Ten DVD magazine. They had a video for Swarming on it I think and it just blew me away. After some quick googling I'd purchased their debut album, bought some vinyl and had tickets to see them at the Arches in Glasgow.

Three years & 2 albums later it was time to go and see them again, this time at Edinburgh's Cab Vol. I've not been out much in Edinburgh so wasn't sure what to expect. A few cheeky G&T's on the bus ride down helped take the edge off a bit anyway (get the M&S ones, more booze for your buck!). Anyway we got to Cab Vol just after 8 and I was amazed by how small it was! It was like Origin with the layout of the Tunnels and I was abourt to watch one of my favourite bands here. Winner!

The band came on and performed a varied set of old and new material, a personal favourite was Step Aside with its dark pulsing glitchy bits, Casper asking the engineer to turn off all the stag elights, sinking the venue into darkness but fear not for under the glitch masters desk was a multi coloured strobe light! It gave off just enough light to see what was happening and its was really cool. Other highlights included Mirador, Caravan and the lovely Modern Drift, for which they asked a local fiddler to help out, on the fiddle no less! When they first took to the stage they described the venue as being like a basement and then half way through the set Casper began to sing "Living in basement, having fun" which made everyone laugh but he kept going and before we knew it a song had formed and the whole band were playing along, I like to think a one off performace for the lovely crowd in that particular basement.

I was amazed they all managed to fit onto such a small stage considering how many of them there are in the band, also the last thing I'd seen was the Performing Parades DVD where they have a 50 piece orchestra in a tv studio! They've managed to downsize quite well without losing any of the impact you get from so many people although Casper did make great use of the low lighting rig above as be beat his drumsticks off it during a few tracks! I smiled all the way through the gig until they started to play Cutting Ice To Snow, my favourite track from Parades. If you don't know it theres about a minute of vocal whispers at the start but something set off the singer and the keyboard player and they took a bit longer to get through it as they had to stop for laughing, but they persevered and finally kicked into the full song to much whooping and applause.

After a quick huddle off stage they came back to perform one last song, Mirror Mirror, my favourite song form their new album Magic Chairs. Its got such a nice melody to it and was the perfect way to finish the perfect gig, as the song faded out Casper stood nearly in the audience and began a game of i sing you sing, all he did was make oohhhhh eehhhh ehhho noises but the audience valiantly tried to copy and sing back to him, I only joined in on the last few where it got deeper in tone! Afterwards they appeared at their merch stall to meet some fans and sell some records, it was funny because I got the feeling they were more interested in meeting some new people than selling stuff.

We went over to the city bar after the gig and met Rasmus the bass player, I'd had few emails from him before for a video I'd made many years ago and he was very polite and posed for a lovely photograph with the gang. I spent so long looking forward to the gig that now its passed I feel kind of sad but their music sounds better than ever and the memories will keep me going until next time!

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