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Mounthooly Finale - Acoustic Adventures!

Saturday saw the final event as part of Annita Jean Stewarts "Mounthooly" Project. Running for the whole month of May, Neets managed to create discourse with her open air talks event, wonder at the beautifully animated shadow shows and finally delight at the acoustic adventures with some of the North East's top musicians!

First up was a rather rabbleus bunch of noise makers who created some primal beats using plastic pipes, utilising the Mounthooly tunnels natural acoustics to full effect. With no real set of tunes it was more an exercise in bringing people together and finding harmony which I guess perfectly reflects what Neets has been trying to do with the whole project.

The first band to play were Kilmory Day Trip, hailing from these parts the guys have been making music for a while now and describe themselves as "Just your typical mod-fi liberal indie outfit". Not going to argue with that but that doesn't mean they weren't fantastic! I didn't wan…

Tim & Sams Band @ The Tunnels!

Not going to do a review or write anything about this gig except it was really good and all the bands were fucking great. Click on their names to go to their myspaces and have a listen for yourselves!

Amber Wilson

Loch Lomond Esperi

Tim & Sams Tim & The Sam Band With Tim & Sam

Film & Visual Culture Degree Show 2010!

Last week was a bit of a busy one kicking off Wednesday with a bike ride over to Aberdeen Uni for the FILM & VISUAL CULTURE Degree show. Simon had a few films in the programme so went over to check it out but didn't stay for very long. Long enough to see his Time Rearranged film, pretty trippy stuff but nicely filmed. Hoping to do some videos with Simon very soon as hes got the skills for putting pen to paper aswell as behind the camera!

Every year the Uni has these events on but they dont seem to attract the same publicity as Grays events. Bit of a shame but you can keep an eye on forthcoming events and should be able to find links to the students films HERE!