Stuart Simpson & CO @ Junction Arts!

Its been a fair old weekend for art in Aberdeen starting with the Fine Lines exhibition opening at Junction Arts! Consiting of work from a range of different artists with different styles all the work hung together quite well. Most of the artists appeared to be from a print or textile back ground with some illustrators thrown in for good measure.

I was really looking forward to seeing some new or possibly old work from my good friend Stuart Simpson. Stuart is an artist of such amazing ability, lacking slightly in confidence but yet producing some of the best work I've seen in illustration and beyond! He's recently set up his own website, "Fledgeling" where you can see more of his work and purchase original prints. He's also the proud owner of his own BLOG with some really nice word's about his work, his methods and how he approaches his art!

I was well impressed with the new work and how far Stuart has come in the time I've known him and I can't wait to see him take off. Apologies for being such a biased account when there's work by so many different artists involved but I didn't get a proper chance to look and appreciate their work as I spent time with the Simpsons but all the work was of a high standard, the wee Owl print stood out with its small plume of feathers. You should be able to get a rough idea of the overall exhibition from my photos below.

But hey I guess thats a good reason to pop on down to Junction Arts, why not check out the exhibition for your self and pick up a nice print, broach, bag, ceramic tile, make your own monster kit!

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