KFEST - The Beggining!

Last weekend saw the start of something we all hope to see continue, Kemnay Fest! The idea of one man who was about to turn 30 and wanted to do it in style with friends so what better way than to organise & host your own festival.

Complete with massive tent, bouncy castle, BBQ & portaloo the day was all set to be a banger. Sun was shining, burgers were cooking and booze was flowing, maybe a little too much but thats another story!

The first band on the stage (yes there was a very small main stage) were the mighty St Kilda Mailboat! I only caught the quick sound check they did as I had to make a visit to the shops which was a good two mile walk, luckily I hitched a lift but still had to walk back. It was fine though as the sun was setting as I walked along country roads and everything looked incredibaly beautiful but little did I realise I could have seen the very first Bennachie Field Session as the guys packed up instruments and walked into a rather lovely field to play against the sunset!

Neil asked me to help out with some visual stimulation but a lack of time, energy and dvd remotes meant I could only really play a few things, Ulysses 31 being a main stay for the party times but I did manage to knock out a quick KFest DVD as you can see below it was mightly impressive! As was my sailors hat!

Next on the bill we had The Little Kicks, they'd had a busy few days with gigs booked all over Scotland but somehow found time to rock out at KFest! Despite the drums slipping forward the boys played a blinding set, sure to be well remebered for Mr Milne's drunken banter, a highlight of any night out!

After many rums and not enough meat it was decided the time was right for the Bennachie Field Session to continue this time with a solo set from John & Amber Wilson. This was around the point where we should have been tucked up in bed but it was too good to miss! Armed with acoustic guitar &
flash light both artists did their best to warm our hearts with some lovely songs. My favourite had to be Amber's cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" while Stu Awesome shouted "Neil, Neil, Neil, Neil where are you!" through the PA in the next field!

I can safely say this was one of the best festivals I've ever been lucky enough to attend, massive thanks to Neil for inviting, organising and being a top guy. I only hope there will be a KFest 2 next year, or maybe even this summer if the weather keeps up! Who knows.

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