Let It Bleed Presents Simian Mobile Disco @ The Forum!

I have to admit I'd never heard any tunes by Simiam Mobile Disco. But when I did a search on youtube and found the video for Hustler (See below) I was suprised to find out it was by them and also that no one had ever sent me that video before. It's pretty hot, that's all I'm going to say.

Anyway spent most of the day inside, most of the only sunny day that been warm enough to go out in just a jumper, making up visuals for the evening. Time well spent as when Jas Shaw came on stage everyone knew he'd arrived since his name was on the screens behind the stage. I like the idea of being able to give some one an entrance, you pay your money to see someone but in these kind of gigs the supports and the headliners could swap over all night and no one would know the difference.

Along side the visuals I'd made especially that day I has a selection of dvd's and various video mash ups that I'd pre done, I think the bit where Godzilla appeared from the water synched up perfectly with one of Gile's tunes and created one of those perfect moments that I love when doing visuals, 1960's black & white Japanese Godzilla meets 2010 pilnky dance tune and works! A few people complemented the use of Ulysses 31 & Dino Riders, VR Troopers worked perfectly for Greig Gibb's set and I wen't all out for Jas set and just added loads of colour to the procedings.

Afterwards we got to enjoy a well earned beer and had a nice chat about some of the weeks hot topics. I think everyone who was involved in the night deserves a slap on the back, Scott especially for getting good people together and making the Forum gigs so awesome to be a part of. I guess its onto the next one then!

Jas Shaw (SMD) & Deano

More photos & video coming soon!

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