Let It Bleed Presents Kissy Sell Out @ The Forum!

Saturday brought the stress fest as I was booked to help organise some tvs & projections for Kissy Sell Out at The Forum. I had a rough idea of what the set up would be but wanted to go bigger than the DJ Medhi Halloween special but the only thing I could come up with was more tvs. I did have some elaborate ideas but not enough time to see them through, next time for Simian Mobile Disco at the end of the month!

First up on the bill was Yoin, I hadn't heard of him before ill be honest, I know jack shit about dance music, whats in whats out but he played out at the start of the night and was into what he was doing and got the night off to a good start.

Next on the bill was the lovely Mini Klaus (Electrique Boutique / Soiree), a good friend its great to see her playing out to any crowds, shes really into what she does and what she plays, she's fine tuning her skills and upping her game every time I see her, one to watch. The fact shes a she does mean you have to be nice to her but luckily shes got the tunes to back her up, Big Spender bringing a nice touch of class to the Forum.

Next up was MASH from Glasgow, a man with a lot of experience and skill he definately took it up a gear and really got the dance floor moving. Although I usually find I start to move more the drunker I get so thats my excuse for bopping away at my mixing desk. But seriously he could have been headlining on his own, his dj resume is epic and hes was a sound guy aswell!

Finally the headliner took to the stage, the man they call Kissy Sell Out! He came on, took over and instantly took it to the next level, I really liked what he did, he seemed really sound and he even sat in a puddle of beer at the end so he could speak to the crowd, what a dude! Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to hang out with him as I had to dismantle all the gear for a band playing on the Sunday but it was all good. I got drunk for free, got hang out with my mates and the got the chance to have my lego brick 30ft on a giant screen!

Gotta say a massive thanks to Scott, hes taken good care of me and I take care of the visuals for him, hes a top guy and is one of the people who will push Aberdeen nigth life to the next level! Massive thanks to CC for helping keep the visuals fresh when I was out taking a wizz, thanks to Patty for the Kaplank Kapow tee (next time just give me the stikers) and finally my new photographic master Neil Henderson who took all the pics you see in this post but check his Flikr for more pics from the night HERE! Onto the next one at the end of the month I guess!

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