Happy Birthday Dude.....

As a tribute to Nicky I sprayed up some cardboard bear tencils for hanging and figured since it'd be his birthday today I'd put some up in nice places. I probably wouldn't be doing half of the things I've done with out the inspiration Klaus left me with when he passed over, I just hope the boys are keeping a space for us when our time come because the only thing were guaranteed when we enter this world is were gonna be leaving it, some so tragically quick but some get time, time is so precious, I realise that now and try to keep the spirit of creativity going every day but with people like Nicky & James both touching my life if for only a blinking of an eye I'm sure ill never be short of inspiration or ideas on how to make my life shine a little brighter and to share that light with other around me. Keep a seat for me boys well be coming to see you one day.

Love Jon x

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