Because Its There Opening @ Beautiful Mountain!

Jim Ewen & Craig Barrowman. Two of Aberdeen's finest contemporary artists, two good friends and two outstanding creative talents. Having recently taken up residence with Craig & Jim in Studio 26 I've been able to keep an eye on the progress of their work before the show and was impressed from the out set.

Jim Ewen is a new face but has quickly become a total inspiration, he has great ideas and is passionate about moving the creative scene in Aberdeen forward whether through his fine art practice, organising gigs or sitting discussing all the things we could do if only we had the funding...... his newest work is admittedly all I've seen but its instantly striking. Using different papers to great effect to create beautiful layered landscapes, some minimal with small details, others epic in comparison. Jim told me some of the drawings on show at Beautiful Mountain took up to 8 hours to do. I'm sure Jim will be gald to have this one out the way but I know he'll be itching to start the next project and I cannot wait.

Craig is an old friend but almost from the first moment I met him hes been an inspiration. Multi disciplinary it seems whatever practice Craig turns those hands too he produces exceptional results. I always see elements in Craigs work which relates to a wider network of artists from across the world who could fit into the bracket out sider art, street art, whatever but I think Craig surpasses many of his contemporaries. His paitings of multi sided shapes almost pickle your eyes, every side represented with perfectly defined shades of gray, the minature carved leg in a glass box placed between his smaller prints and his match stick mirror trickery really did it for me. I don't think anyone could look at Craig's work and not be impressed, especially after you have a chat with Craig about his ideas, CBMan is on one hell of a trip and long may it continue!

Their joint exhibition runs from now until the 1st of June so pop on up to the cafe at Beautiful Mountain on Belmont Street.

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