The Queen Is Dead, Long Live McQueen!

I was suprisingly saddend to hear the news of Alexander McQueens death. I knew he was a fashion designer but I couldn't think of any of his work that I'd know. Then I remebered hes responsible for three of the most iconic out fits created for one of my favourite singers, Bjork.

Helping to create the cover for Homogenic, arguably Bjork's best album, it was certainly a giant leap forward for her creatively & musically. The geisha styled cover has adorned bed rooms and sits in record collections across the world yet I wonder if other's have considered its association to McQueen? Can you imagine if you took McQueen out of the picture what Homogenic would have been like because a Bjork album is embodied by its cover, a visual representation of the treasures inside.

I believe they struck up a friendship and a great creative relationship blossomed between them. McQueen even directed the video for Alarm Call, the 3rd single taken from Homogenic. Perhaps more recognisable is the Swan dress he created for Bjork, worn to the Oscar's that time, remeber and Bjork laid an egg on the red carpet, ridiculous but brilliant. And its a truelly stunning piece of design, I love all the imagery from the Vespertine album and the dress ties in so well.

The third picture below is maybe not so well know. Always one to go all out for her stage show, Bjork likes to work with different designers to create her look for each tour and this is another McQueen design from the Vespertine tour. When I first saw the video of Bjork in the dress I was mesmerized. The way it moves and sways with her movements, I think it becomes a crucial part of the performance along with the musicians and the visuals. 

This post seems to have turned into a Bjorkfest but what I'm trying to get at is that creative people like Alexander McQueen have been influencing the world we live in simply by doing what they do whether it be designing dresses, directing films, painting pictures, making sculptures, taking photographs, whatever. A person as talented as Alexander McQueen come along maybe once in a life time. 

While reading some of the new reports I found out that he had recently lost his mother, pictured above with McQueen. The circumstances behind his suicide have yet to come to light but I find it incredibly sad that the loss of his mother was so bad that he had to take his own life. Having lost friend's and feeling the hole that leaves you with I can understand why, sometimes in our hour of need there's just not enough light to keep us going. Thankfully I have a lot of amazing friend's who help me deal with my own sadness and light up my days. 

To leave a legacy such as his is something truly special, his work has definitely touched me in my life. I hope Lee McQueen is in a better place and his friends & family can find strength at this sad time.

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