Live at The Beach Ballroom!

Live at the beach was a one night event held down at one of Aberdeen's nicest and oldest music venues, The Beach Ballroom. Having played host to such great as The Beatles & The Kinks, I was suprised to see an event line up that consisted of only local bands.

The ballroom isn't what it used to be though, lack of investment and the usual council cut backs have seen the ballrooms reputation diminish over the years but hopefuly things are on the up for this once great venue with a refurbishment due to start now and the local lads showed what can be done with a bigger venue, a lot of effort and good music.

Being DO IT!s "Purveyor of light bulbs and magic" I was asked to help out with the visual side of things. Knowing that I/R/L would have their VJ doing stuff meant that the other bands would be left out but fear not, I stepped in to even out the playing field.

First up were The Underkills. Played a decent set and managed to get some folks up moving which was a good effort, nae really my cup of indie rock n roll but think they played quite well with the Police Story visuals in the background, a few well timed kung fu kicks helped things along nicely.

Next up were Cast Of The Capital. They were wondering what the visuals would be for their set so I asked them if they liked Hitchcock, which met a blank response so Rear Window it is. They seemed to have a good following in the crowd and played a good set but my friend's were concerned that Death Cab for Cutie might want to sue them for plagarism. At least they have been inspired by a great band.
Third up on the bill was old friends Indian Red Lopez. Last time I'd seen the guys was at our wee DO IT night where 100 of their mates came down from Peterhead, got drunk then went into town with them. I think they might have increased their fan base a bit since then though with gigs in Glasgow and a small European tour last year, these are lads worth watching out for. They definately think out side of the box and pack quite a punch live. Had a good scan at their visual mans set up, quite nice stuff indeed but a bit techy for me, think ill be sticking to my cables & buttons.
Special guest on the night, Sombrero Dude pulled off an amazing set in front of a packed audience, I've never seen so many people standing with baited breath, waiting to see what kind death defying moves he would pull next. Described as a cross between "One Man Star Wars" and Peter Kays "Dancing to the dance floor dance", Sombrero Dude is set to take the festival circuit by storm!
The final band up were The Little Kicks. Well known throug out the North East and beyond I believe, they played a good set and Steve had some good banter for the crowd. Things had over run earlier which had a knock on effect later on but I think the Finger Bob & Life Aquatic visuals helped keep things fun. The guys are pretty tight and never seemed out of place on a big stage but I'd love to see them & IRL on a small stage again real soon. I ended up a bit plastered by the time they played as well, remember looking up at a dvd menu and thinking "What have I done" but it all ok and the after party was good fun down at Warehouse.
I figured things might get a bit boring in between the bands so I made up a dvd with some adverts to keep peoples peepers happy. I made up some flying MoC bricks, made a wee ad for the Kiosque site, "Dino is my Hero" as a tribute to Dino, the tech guy down at the Beach Ballroom who was a top guys and went above and beyond with the help he gave us all and also just for kicks I added some I ♥ UTG hearts to help raise awareness for the issue.
I would like to thank Mike & Steve for getting me on board with helping out, I didn't take any money for my services, It was pretty nice to be able to help out some of Aberdeen's good folks and will definately be getting involved in the next Live at The Beach event but my fee will be £100,000!
Final thanks to Neil Henderson for letting me use his awesome photo's, all the shit one from the side of the stage are my own, all the really nice one's from front of stage and the one of my double chin were taken by Neil. You can check out more of his pics on his Flickr site HERE!

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