Double Darning Opening @ The Foyer!

Double Darning is the newest exhibition on show at the Foyer Gallery & Restaurant on Crown street. 

The show is made up from sewn treasures created by recent graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone Lyndsey Gray and formers Grays graduate Kirsty Anderson. "If you go down in the woods today your sure of a great surprise", quite an appropriate tag for this show.
Cloth owls, fox heads made from old curtains, puffy clouds, cushion mountains and a nice collection of pillows emblazoned with slogans, my favourite being "Goodbye Jelly Belly", I wish. The work is of a very high standard and sits well in the Foyer, its a nice departure from the more fine art work you would expect to find. Its like falling into an old wardrobe and finding out that old fur jacket is really a bear but he's a nice bear. The giant bird cage in the open foyer area is quite menacing, quit a feat for something made from cloth and stiches!

I think the whole craft movement is a great out let for creatives, with the Double Darning opening attracting the numbers it did and the success of the last Tea Cosy shop I expect it can only get bigger.

The show runs until the end of March so be sure to go have a look before the forrest goes.

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