A-Deen Skate Video by Simie!

Thursday saw the long awaited premiere of local skate lad Simie Simpsons A-Deen film. Being quite an out of the way city, relatively small and lacking any kind of real skate parks for many years Aberdeen and its surrounding area has produced some truelly awesome skaters! The Morgan twins, wee Gav, Callum Barrack to name a few as well as all the younger guys coming through who live and breathe on a bit of wood with four wheels.

Filming over a period of two years its taken a while for Simie to get his shit together but hes managed to produce a great insight into the current state of Aberdeen's skateboard scene of the younger generation, there was no Sam or Wilky, or Andy or Willie, some of the first boys I met when I started hitting the ledges at Broad street in my oversized jeans and my hand me down trainers. But there's nothing wrong with that, as you get older and work more and skate less it doesnt really matter as its something that always stays with you. Its something you do for you, no competition just pure fun and the people you meet along the way might become the best friend's you'll ever have.

I think thats the beauty of the A-Deen, its showing a bunch of mates ripping it up from here to Barcelona, some still based in Aberdeen some not but the ties these lads make through skating together will see them through for a life time as the friends I made from my skate days still pop up in my life now! So here's to skateboarding and all that it truelly means!

Check out Simie's other video below!

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