The Boy Who Trapped The Sun @ Kilau!

At about half 3 yesterday I get a txt from my mate Stu asking if I want to go to a gig at Kilau. I did have a pretty busy night planned already but one more thing to do wouldn't make a difference. He said it would be good and Stu's the guy who got me into Pelican, Death Cab and a whole load of other great bands.
Anyway after getting scratched to death rehoming my cats I got down to Kilau just in time to see Amber Wilson. Hailing from Aberdeen Amber has been making music for a number of years now, its been a while since I'd heard her sing bit its always nice. Amber is one of these people who could be singing about taking a dump and it would still sound like shes whispering sweet nothings into your ears. She played a nice set of original songs and some covers, opening with Airs "Playground Love". Raise The Alarm really touched me, its nice when you can relate songs to events in your own life, her lyrics are filled with humour, hurt, hope and honesty.! Winner!
The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, I don't know why but I expected an emo band. 

Hailing from the Isle of Lewis, singer songwriter Colin Macleod makes quite nice, lush acoustic music with enough soul and energy to make me stomp and sway from side to side. Adding his friend on Cello gave it that little something extra which made it feel like you were experiencing something special. I thought he sounded a lot like Damien Rice, vocally but the first time I heard Damien Rice I was blown away so I wouldn't say its a bad thing. Every few years someone comes through with an acoustic album that totally blows everything else away, could this be the big hit for 2010? Guess well just have to wait and see.

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