Behold, The Exqusite Corpse!

Exquisite Corpse Publishing House is the latest in a list of student led exhibitions at Project Slogan. Run by Kirsty Hendry, Tessa Androutsopoulos, Alexander Storey-gordon and Grant McAllister, the group are hoping for people to pop past over the next two weeks and produce some prints using the facilities they have on hand in the space.

On the first day they had paper, pens and carbon paper for making tracing paper style drawings, drawing and not being able to see your lines was actually really fun. They should be amassing some heaters (the space is quite cold), lino printing equipement, screen printing equipment, digital printing equipment and mono printing equipment giving people a chance to try out new techniques.

I think they wan't to gather enough work to cover the entire space, no small aim given the size of the space but we are planning to go down this Friday and have some animations projected on the walls for inspiration and help build up the exhibition. The students are really friendly will even make you a cup of tea, you might have to wait a while though. They have a real open approach to the work and an anything goes ethos, the green tendrils in the window are to form the base for the Exquisite Corpse which they hope will be a group piece with different artists adding different bits.

The Exquisite Corpse Publishing House is open from 16th - 26th Feb1pm - late everyday so pop past and get involved!

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