Another Day, Another Corpse!

Having arranged and participated in a number of events at Project Slogan I know first hand how difficult it can be to get people down to support creative ventures, whether it be film, painting, sculpture or the current hands on have a go Exquisite Corpse Publishing House show. But regardless I think you have to be covering all the bases with posters, flyers, online listings and events pages to help get people interested in joining in.

I know on a cold, icy night its easier to stay at home with a bottle of rose and a good film but sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone. I decided to try and help the current curators by setting up some animated projections to add something to their Friday night. I also brought some friend's down, some creative some not. Big G especially supports the creative scene without really being involved but he can throw down some mean shadow bunnies!

I was pretty chuffed when I got to make my first screen (yet to make a print, hopefuly later today) made, ready for printing. Screen printing is one of these mediums thats really simple but effective once you know how, I know me & Lee Entrails were both getting pretty excited seeing the process in action as we both want to explore it more for our creative adventures. I think persoanlly this is one of the best shows I've seen at Slogan, the guys are really friendly, the atmosphere in the gallery is pretty good and its a chance to try something new!

The Exquisite Corpse Publishing House will be open at Project SLogan, Langstane Place until next Friday when all the work produced will be on display but the guys will be on hand, in the space from 1 till late every day until then so get that cadaver moving!

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