100 Days of Celebrity by Jamie Donald!

Jamie Donald is a local painter & Grays School of Art graduate. I've recently found myself moving in the same circles as Jamie, usually at parties where neon face paint is essential and almost anything goes!

I was quite suprised to find out Jamie was a Grays student and that I had seen his work first hand in Kilau, in fact we'd spent quite a bit of time musing over whether the numbers were supposed to be left on Lindsey Lohan's face or if someone had done it themselves.

Anyway as a means of getting his skills up to standard again Jamie has started a new blog, 100 Days of Celebrity where he is posting up sketches of celebrites from that weeks tashy magazines. It's interesting to see how much Katie Price dominated the covers but now its poor Cheyrl Cole's turn. It's such a strange topic to choose for a project but as you can see from these sketches it also makes for perfect practice. The big question is, will Katie & her man still be married by the time Jamie completes day 100? Guesses on a postcard please!

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