Thank GOD 2009 is over, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone, all the best to you and your's. I can honestly say I'm glad to see the end of 2009, it seems like only yesterday I got the phone call about Moose and the crash. It's been a tough year in many ways but having the love & support of friend's has made a really bad year one of the best I've ever had.
The short time with Moose, seeing him grow in confidence and helping me to put my problems in perspective (with Gin & Friegntend Rabbit), the trip to France with CC, Gravity & Katie, the best therapy in the World, all fun times at DO IT and the crew, meeting all the dudes in Helsinki and meeting the boys from Bergen, helping out with the Aberdeen Film Festival, working with Let It Bleed on the visuals for some cool acts, making all the videos with old & new friend's, all the fun times with Stu & Anna & Ricco & DD, painting & photoing with Slavador Dali, the birth of Stuart & Dawn's first baby, wee Rowan, its been a productive year.
I'm hoping to work on a shit load of projects this year to keep doing thing's, I was going to say bigger and better but I don't think that counts. This blog was originally set up as a retort to people who say Aberdeen is rubbish and nothing happens!
Well I disagree, musically there's some really great local acts like IRL & The Little Kicks, the Everything Else Sucks guys are pulling in some really good DJ's, we try and get intersting acts for DO IT as well as Let It Bleed getting some awesome band's to make the hike up to ol Aberdeen. 
Art wise you have new exhibitions and work shops at Peacock Visual Arts, Project Slogan is trying to build up good relationships, Kilauh Coffee has regular shows starting every month, Beautiful Mountain cafe are also using their wall space under the guidance of Annita and Limousine Bull have held one of my favourite shows this year!
Visual culture is still a bit slow at the moment but thats my plan this year to get more people involved in projects I might be running or helping out with and giving people a platform to show off their work or whatever they wan't to show off whether it be short films, animations, documentaries, in depth research into the importance of Molusks, whatever it is I'm game.
As for anything else you might wan't, if it isn't being provided for you then why not make it yourself or at leats have a go if you can. If you still can't find what your looking for then maybe Aberdeen isn't for you but at least you can say you've tried. I wouldn't say Aberdeen is an amazing place but it's where I am right now and its where a lot of my friend's are, it where my family is and at the end of it all, its not where you've been but where your going that shoud matter. 
So on that note Happy New Year and lets make it a fucking good one.

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