One Million Lego Men!

I usually ignore most of the groups that get set up on Facebook, recieving a load of spam about some shit joke that was funny for 5 minutes and now is totally balls. But when I saw someone had joined a group called YOUR OWN LEGO MAN. FREE I was intrigued. With a slight boner for all things Lego related I decided to have a look at the page and was impressed with what I found. Here's a run down from the groups creator Adam Oppenheimer

"Hello everyone,
I will be creating an art instillation, along with a group of others, which will consist of 1 MILLION LEGO MEN each representing a real person! If you want your name on the back of one of those bad- boys, just join the group. We will be taking photos, and filming, during the process so, you may get to see sneaky peaks before the end product. This is obviously an enormous task but we'll keep you posted every step of the way. I expect all of you to help this absolutely banging idea get off the ground by inviting all your friends."

I'm looking forward to seeing how this project develops and think it'll be pretty cool to have my name on the back of a lego man along with 999,999 other people from around the WORLD!

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