I ♥ UTG, ranty rant rants.....

First off if you haven't already, sign the petition to save Union Terrace gardens & also the new Peacock Visual Arts centre by clicking HERE!

There's been a lot of interesting things said and done today with regards to the Union Terrace Travesty. Today marks the official launch of the ACSEF (Aberdeen Corruption Services) public consultation on the City Square proposal which has failed to include information on the Peaock Visuals Arts plan? A bit one sided if I do say so myself.

There's a new website worth checking out which shows you un biased information about both the City Square project and the Peacock Visual Arts proposal, chekc it out HERE! The fact that thing's have gone this far is ridiculous but it shows the power of oil money over public & council policy. There's nothing worse than being asked for your opinion but knowing that it isn't being listened to by these corrupt, money hungry, back scratching, egomaniacs.

I don't think I've ever felt this annoyed about an issue of this kind, their tag line "This Time, This Place, This Generation" seem's to be totally disregarding our history, our grandparents history and that of all the people who have helped make Aberdeen what it is. I hate this idea of progress but at the cost of destroying our past, a big part of edinburgh's charm lies in its back alleys and lane's, which Aberdeen had and ripped out in the name of progress. But progress at what cost? I agree Aberdeen as a city will need to plan ahead for a future with out oil but how concreting over a historical garden is going to achieve that I just can't comprehend. Perhaps I am being ever so naive and failing to miss some cruical point? I understand that the level of contruction work involved will create a big job for some construction company but will probably go to a Glasgow based company with more specialities in this area of construction as well as materials which most local suppliers simply won't be able to handle due to the large quantities required so again the contract will go somewhere else out side of Aberdeen.

And once it is completed what will all the workers do then, down tools and get jobs in Costa maybe? Also the idea that we need a giant square so we can have ice rinks, out door concerts & event's seems again utterly ridiculous as we could be doing these things right now in UTG as it stands, they used to have an ice rink but the council took it away, they've had shows there in the past but fail to make facilities available to a wider audience for public use. I know I could use an out door space for holding all manner of free event's. The access issue is a huge problem with a very simple solution, put a bloody ramp in! There's enough double stairs to easily put a ramp in on one side and have stairs on the other and I bet it wouldn't cost that much.

Anyway enough ranting, you can see the STV Interviews from today
HERE! Get all the info and link about the UTG campaign HERE! Check out the snazzy video below, it shows us all the interesting things that we will benifit from if the City Square project goes ahead although they have just completed an £180 million pound shopping centre which already caters for every one of those needs highlighted in their video so why do we need to spend another £70 - £80 million of Scottish Tax Payers money on a glorified car park!

I just wan't to say that I feel honored to count Katie & Fraser as very close friend's and think the time and effort that they and many others have put into this campaign is amazing and the shockwaves of their actions will ripple through Aberdeen for years to come regardless of the out come of the gardens but together we can all make a difference and for once have a say and do whats right for our city, for the people of Aberdeen and for the past, present & future of OUR CITY! Sign the petition HERE!

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