Animations & Ulrich Schnauss!

My partner in crime posted this video up on facebook. When I saw the name Ulrich Schnauss I figured it would be pretty good. I've only heard one of his tracks from a mix cd and it starts off with a sample from Close Encounters of the Third Kind and kicks into this really up lifting tune. his name has come up a few times in conversation's with friend's as well so figured it was worth sharing.

The style of animation is pretty mental, I think they use coloured sand on a light box and move the granuals to create the animation, quite a long and intricate process for sure. I liked the reading the wee speil at the side about the video aswell being played with the sound off when the Ulrich Schnauss tune came on and the guy realised it went perfectly with the animation, there's been a few times when I'm doing visuals that the videos perfectly sync up with the music thats being played and its a really cool felling.

Here's the super chilled As If You've Never Been Away by Ulrich Schnauss

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